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this lesson-credits

this lesson we will be re-doing the credits. from the feedback we received last lesson we now know that the credits need to be on screen for longer. people felt they came on and off too quick and didn't have enough time to read and understand the credits in full. we also aim to change the font and style of our credits. we have chosen to change the font to fit the style of the genre a bit more. this will mean we will want it to be slightly unclear but still legible. with the credits being unclear this could also fit to the film title ''amnesia'' meaning a lot of things are unclear in the memory.

James Seymour

Friday, 12 March 2010

Plan for the Next Two Lessons

We aim to improve our credits, as this was the main focus of the criticisms we received. We we wish to make the credits slower, and change the font to represent the mood of the opening. A way of doing this could be to make the words blur in and out, to echo the distortion of the footage. Making the title credit visually more impressive is important us to make it stand out to the audience.

We are also contemplating adding a voice-over to improve the clarity of the story line. However, we are unsure if this is the right thing to do, as we did not get any criticisms on this aspect. We shall try this but we still feel it may not be needed.

Jonny Hucker Danny Chiverton



This group said they liked the music, representation of memory, the story line, camera shot variety and sound effects. They gave no criticisms.


This group said the editing and camera shots were amazing, there was a good plot, the music was good and they liked the black and white effect. The criticisms they gave were 'the sound was a bit random' and the credits were too fast.


This group said the flash from black and white tattoo to when he sees it in reality was good. They also liked the music and suspense. However they felt the credits were to fast.


They felt the editing and shot were very good as well as music and acting being realistic. they said 'The flashback scene when Danny is killed is very good', they also liked the story line. They gave no criticisms.

After reading these comments we have a wider knowledge of what we need to do to improve. we will alter the credits as we had planned. we also add more sound to increase suspense.

Danny Chiverton, Jonny Hucker

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rough Cut